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May 28, 2006

SHF #19: Enter the twi-rhizome with El Bulli's pineapple and ginger kebab


Those of you who read Hungry In Hogtown regularly may have noticed that I have a particular affinity for wordplay.  Every time we write a post, I rack my brain for a title more inspired than, say, SHF #15: El Bulli's pineapple and ginger kebabs.  I gauge the quality of the pun by Rachel's reaction to it.  If she cackles with delight, it's a winner.  If she rolls her eyes, smiles, and says something like, "You're such a child," then the pun is also up to snuff.

Sometimes the pun demands a degree of knowledge about food, culture, or history.  This post's title, for example, requires a familiarity with The Twilight Zone, and the knowledge that ginger, the theme for this month's Sugar High Friday, hosted by Ruth from Once Upon a Feast, is not really a root, but a rhizome.  Every so often, the title requires nothing more than a willingness to think like a teenage boy.  If you don't believe me, get a load of our post on Julia Child's coq au vin, "Hot for coq."

What does all this have to do with El Bulli's pineapple and ginger kebabs?  Not much, but writing an in-depth post about a snack that both of us liked but found uninspiring is a bit difficult. The kebabs are easy, simply thread cubes of raw pineapple and sliced crystallized ginger onto a skewer, dip it into a meringue, then allow the meringue to air dry for a few hours.  The crystallized ginger was new to us and it was a revelation, especially beloved by Rachel who adores anything gingery (this might be a hereditary trait, as her mother so enjoys ginger she's been known to eat the pickled variety by the handful).  For more proof of Rachel's love of ginger (and my love of wordplay), check out our post on homemade ginger ale, "Schwepped Away."

We expected this dish to be something like a punchier version of lemon meringue, but it failed to deliver.  Perhaps the pineapple, a golden variety that is the default type available in most of our local grocery stores, was too sweet to properly offset the meringue. 

Or maybe I'm not an ex-spear-ienced enough kebab maker.

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Well it certainly looks amazing. I do hate it though when something doesn't meet my expectations - my mind is waiting for that perfect combo and....something is missing.

Anyway, I love the concept. Thanks for sharing and check out the roundup tomorrow.


Rob, I love a good pun and Twi-rhizome? Well, that's just brilliant.


I enjoyed your explanation...I guess the mind of a teenage boy is lurking somewhere inside me too!

I also love all it's glorious rhizo-goodness.


I am a big pun fan too. I blame it on being brought up in the land of the Sun newspaper. Good work.

gabriella true

you are a genius.

bea at La tartine gourmande

I would be like Rachel and love this as I adore gingery things, of all kinds! And I like your puns, so I feel comblée! What a good day!


Rob, awesome, as always. And I adore puns! Can't wait to see what you've got cooked up next...

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